Jaclyn Bunch's Research

Jaclyn Bunch

Substantive Interests


  • State and Local Relations
  • Fiscal Federalism
  • Hierarchical Dilemmas
  • Diffusion

Public Policy and Administration

  • Redistributive Public Policy
  • State and Local Implementation
  • Social Construction

Political Psychology

  • Motivation and Reasoning
  • Cognitive Heuristics
  • Framing and Media


Peer-Reviewed Publications:

  • Bunch, Jaclyn. 2014. "Does Local Autonomy Enhance Representation? The Influence of Home Rule on County Expenditures." State and Local Government Review, 46(2): 106-117.

Book Chapters:

  • Weissert, Carol S. and Jaclyn Bunch (2014). Federalism: Cooperation and Conflict Between State and Federal Health Care Responsibilities (1960's-Present). In Thomas R. Oliver (Ed.), Guide to U.S Health and Health Care Policy. (pp. 127-141). Washington, DC: CQ Press.

Manuscripts Under Review:

  • Bunch, Jaclyn and Scott Liebertz. " The Length of Coattails: Stretching the Presidential Brand Name to State Legislative Elections."
  • Bunch, Jaclyn, Kerri Milita, and Scott Liebertz. "Redistribution and the States: TANF Restrictiveness and Policy Outcomes."
  • Milita, Kerri, Jaclyn A. Bunch, and Jorge Mendoza. “Helicopter Parenting and Policy Attitudes in College Students.”

Working Papers:

  • Bunch, Jaclyn. "Adopting Institutions: Mapping Local Policy Choice in Governance."
  • Bunch, Jaclyn. "The Myths and Realities of Federal Hierarchies: State Mandates."
  • Milita, Kerri, and Jaclyn A. Bunch. “The Role of Risk Orientation and Risk Exposure in Public Support for Welfare Spending.”
  • Barrilleaux, Charles, Jaclyn Bunch, and Greg Goelzhauser. "Why do State Legislatures Allow Local Home Rule?"
  • Bunch, Jaclyn and John S. Strada. "Autonomy and Discretion: Evaluating the Impact of Home Rule on Governance Outcomes."